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The Art of Winning Roulette

There are two forms of gambling, one that requires little or no skill and those that do. Having a system do beat the house is what every gambler wishes to attain.


Many sites claim to have the perfect winning strategy that only end up being a scam to take your money and run. Finding the right technique to place you in the winnerís circle is possible if you do your homework.

Many players are under the impression that Roulette is just a matter of placing numbers down on a felt table and winning is based solely on luck. Nothing could be further from the truth because besides skill and a bit of luck, strategy can go a long way and a system even further.

Mastering a predicting system that works showing impressive results takes years of expertise to perfect. One source in particular is can be found here, they developed a system with amazing results using physics.

Beating the House Edge

From the start the winning payout is 35 to 1, the highest possible payout when placing a straight bet on a number, less when example wagering on corners, red/black, odd/even, split, six line or trio.

The key is to beat the house edge and predicting the winning numbers. Sounds easier said than done unless you are clairvoyant right? Wrong because through physics it can determine the wheel and ball behavior.


With a philosophy that everything has a cause and effect it throws the idea of randomness right out the window. Discovering the variables are accomplished by a roulette system that studies the previous spins and combines that information with other data to reveal patterns that are predictable.

It is impossible to do on your own when considering the number of calculations to consider over a number of spins to analyze. With the help of computer software makes this calculation quick and easy leaving the guess work out and saving your brain from impossible overload.

Devising this system through physics didnít happen overnight and took years to master. It all comes from the idea that like everything else energy is at work. Applying physics to the equation and interoperating is a complex process. Therefore creating a software in simple terms that players can understand was an instrumental part of the success.

Roulette Computer Programs

There are a number of roulette computer programs developed. Among the best is the Hybrid V3. The device has a hidden camera and image recognition that is capable of determining the rotor and speed of the Roulette ball within 1 millisecond accuracy offer the best predictions.


The Uber is somewhat similar to the Hybrid but with one notable difference, the timing is obtained by clicking buttons that are hidden.

While using one of these computer programs is not illegal it is worth noting that Casinos do frown upon them and will lead you right to the front door so discretion should be exercised.

If making lots of money by playing Roulette is a profession you are interested in consider a well-developed program that is tested, easy to use and offer a Free no risk trial to test before you buy.