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Texas Holdem Strategy

Many aspects of Texas Holdem Strategy are universal and many aspects of strategy are unique to the type of game or environment you are playing in.

This beginner article will help you develop a foundation for some universal concepts and allow you to expand you're knowledge of strategy for specific game types and structures.

Online Texas Holdem Strategy - Basic Concepts

Your Starting Hand is Important In Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem is a game of odds and probability. Weak starting hands will not win a majority of the time at the showdown, and some play better on the flop and in certain positions than others do, therefore a strong player will choose his played hands wisely.

Position is Important in every Variation of Holdem

Position is defined as your seat in relation to the dealer seat. Position controls which player acts first in a round. Position is a key strategic consideration in Texas Holdem Because it controls the value you get out of a hand the influences your ability to put your opponent on a range of starting hands.

Pre-Flop Position Strategy

If you are in early position, a key strategic element is to have very high starting hand standards. At this point you have absolutely no idea what other players are holding. In late position however, you can see who has folded, who has raised, and who has limped-in. Therefore, in the later position, you have a better idea of what other players may be holding and can adjust your play decisions.

Position Strategy DURING A Hand

You have a weak hand and believe that your opponent has a marginal hand. If you're in position to make the first wager, then you can make an aggressive bet that will cause your opponent to fold his cards. On the other hand, if he is in position to make the first wager, then you will have to fold if he makes a bet. You don't have to always have great cards to take down a pot ;)

The Flop is Important!

In Texas Holdem, about 71% of your hand is completed at the flop. If you’re staying in for the turn and river you need to:

  • have a strong hand at the flop
  • be drawing towards a strong hand
  • have reason to believe that a future bluff will make your opponent fold.
  • have a pot of chips worth taking down

Online Texas Holdem Strategy: Pay attention to your opponents actions. Reading in online poker is all about paying close attention to previous play and betting patterns during the hand.

Making It to The Turn Or River Cards

In a majority of hands, you shouldn’t play beyond the flop unless you believe you have the strongest hand, or are drawing to a winning hand against enough players to bulk up the size of the pot.

Playing Online: Limit Texas Holdem VS No-Limit Holdem

When playing no-limit holdem online, the correct strategy is to be aggressive pre-flop with your chosen hands. You need to maximize your odds of winning by pushing out weak handed opponents. It is better to be aggressive preflop and fold early to a better hand, then to make weak moves throughout the round and lose to an underdog.

When playing fixed-limit holdem online, an important strategy is to maintain high starting hand standards all of the time. When you believe you have the strongest hand, bet and raise aggressively. When you believe you may have the best hand but are unsure, make it to the showdown for as cheap as possible. Don't chase draws unless you are against multiple players and seeing cards for cheap.

Basic Texas Holdem Strategy Conclusion

Apply some of these guidelines to your play and check out the best places to play online for good practice.
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