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Texas Holdem is the most popular online poker game as well as the overall top casino poker game. It is this variation of poker used to annually crown the official World Champion at the World Series of Poker. Quickly Learn The Basics Of How To Play Texas Holdem on this page.

How To Play Texas Holdem - 5 Rounds Of Fun

Hole Cards Are Dealt - "Pre-Flop Round"

A round of Texas Holdem begins when the designated dealer hands out two face-down cards to participating players. The 1st round of betting begins where each player must choose to call or raise the current bet...or fold their cards.

The Flop

The dealer tosses out 3 face-up community cards. Players analyze the flop and another round of betting ensues.

Turn Card

Remaining players then see a 4th community card. Another round of action takes place.

River Card

The final community card is dealt. A final round of betting takes place.


Immediately after the River betting round players reveal their hole cards and the best 5-card poker hand wins all of the chips contributed to the pot.

The winning hand a result of combining a player’s two hole cards with the board to form the best 5-card poker hand possible.

Play Texas Holdem Online in 2012 - Getting Set up And Making Progress

To play texas holdem online you should first check out the best places to play online poker. As you experience the game you will learn to develop basic texas holdem strategy, and also learn to supplement those skills with online poker strategy.

Improving Your Texas Holdem Skills

A good process to learn texas holdem is to practice online, read up on strategic concepts, practice more, learn other strategies specific to online poker, and then diligently seek to improve your game. The best ways to improve your holdem skills in 2012 is by way of reading some good poker books and checking out free interactive online poker training.

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