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How to Beat a Bingo Player at the Poker Table

As maddening as it is to be up against a Bingo player (BP) at the Poker table nothing is more gratifying then knocking them out (they should be booted back to the bingo hall or at least the forums at this site). In fact itís these type of players that bring out the best of our bragging right even though it doesn't take rocket science to accomplish.

Sorry to burst your bubble though because itís not youíre in the professional league of Poker players, rather like the sands in an hour glass luck always runs out for the BP when pitted against even an average skilled player.


Everyone at the table is waiting for that one premium hand to bounce the BP right out of the game. This is where the competitive edge kicks in as each player scrambles to be the table hero and take down him down.

When the player sitting next to you beats you to it, itís a bitter sweet victory for the entire table as underneath your breath your saying, why couldnít I have that honor.

Poker is all about Position!

While real estate is all about location, poker is all about position, to strike and act last as the button allows you to observe all the betting action to fold, call or raise accordingly.

Wait for that rock solid hand and when the board flops in your favor pounce on it slowly like a predator ready to eat his prey and raise. On the turn raise a bit more an on the river come in for the kill and raise bigger putting the BP in position of staking too much in the pot to fold his hand.

You donít have to be Phil Ivey in order to compete against this type of player. The odds are definitely in your favor because sooner or later itís inevitable youíll have the upper hand in the long haul. Now on the other hand if it is Phil Ivey your up against its going to take a whole lot strategy and a little luck wouldn't hurt either to beat this pro.

Luck will take a player in the game of Poker so far, only the skilled player will statistically average more winning hands and make it to the final table.

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