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Favorite Casino Table Games for Poker Players

Leg shakes under the table and fingertips tap on laptop with a beat that stays in rhythm with the Poker adrenaline rush. Eager for action and hot for a game, you know it’s that time to head for Casino Table Games.

Online Casinos offer an array of Casino table games, for information and more games like these you can check them out here.

Despite the fact Texas Hold ‘em is a hands down favorite for most poker players, it is not the only game in town that sparks the attention to play.

Spinning the Slots just won’t do for this strategic competitive group of players. Shuffle the cards, deal ‘em and hit me with your best shot because you are in it to win it.

For a little one on one action between you and the dealer, Casino Hold ‘em is a favorite choice. No rubbing elbows with other players, this time the focus is da dealer, otherwise it is basically the same game as Texas Hold ‘em.

In this game you’re going to play the house and although there is no competition against other players in this game, the same rule applies as in any Casino game, the house has the edge.

The game was developed by Stephen Au-Yeung in 2001 and is widely available in online Casinos. Poker players gravitate to it for a bit of heads up play in a Texas Hold ‘em style.

Big Jackpots

For big Jackpot poker money without having to play in a long Tournament session, Caribbean Stud is where to pull up chair and lay your chips down. For a chance to win a piece or all of the Progressive Jackpot pie players ante an extra $1 to the pot.

The game is played typically in Stud style. The general strategy for this game is to bet anytime you are dealt an AK or better. If the dealer is showing one card up that’s an Ace or King unless you can match or beat it, it’s best to fold your hand. Tie the dealer and the return is even money.

The payout scale for a qualifying hand is as follows:

  • AK or Pair - 1:1
  • Two Pair - 2:1
  • Three of a Kind - 3:1
  • Straight - 4:1
  • Flush - 5:1
  • Full House - 7:1
  • Four of a Kind - 20:1
  • Straight Flush - 50:1
  • Royal Flush - 100:1

For a chance at the Progressive Jackpot a premium hand of a flush or better is required and must beat the dealer’s hand. A Royal Flush will take down the whole Jackpot.

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