Why is Online Gambling in Demand in Japan?

The Asian community overall exceeds in work ethics, intellect and ancient natural medicinal remedies. Japan has always been an intriguing place in the eyes of the Western world. Understanding this fact allows people to appreciate the reality of the impact of Asian foods, customs and much more.


Culturally Asians have a special interest in gambling with an emphasis on numerology for example that certain numbers and people for that matter are inherently luckier than others.

Throughout Japanese history good luck symbols are thought to bring good fortune. Famous symbols of luck include the beckoning cat, Daruma dolls and laughing Buddha. It's these types of superstitious beliefs that encourage wealth by means of luck.

Gambling is very popular in Japan but is limited to certain forms of gaming including Lottery, Sports Betting, Horse Racing, Auto Racing, Powerboat Racing and Bicycle Racing.

Pachinko is by far one of the most favorite forms of gaming throughout Japan. There are approximately 15,000 Pachinko parlors nationwide and are similar to arcade games. Despite Pachinko being illegal in terms of cash prizes it is not enforced. Tokens won are redeemable for cash at offsite locations.

Restricted to all other forms of gambling

However, the Japanese community overall is restricted to all other forms of gambling prohibiting land based Casinos within their respective Nation. Limiting gaming options for a gambling community only escalates the interest and desire in a region that prohibits it.

Much like American cigar smokers who gravitate toward illegal Cuban cigars, the Japanese are not only drawn to gambling like everyone else, but also because they have had no direct access to gambling. Their limited ability to partake in such activities makes it all the more appealing. The mystique and draw is one that captivates the participant for various reasons.

Online Casinos operated by outside jurisdictions make it possible for the Japanese community to play a wide range of games that were previously not available to players in this region.

Playing in the comfort of their homes on their personal computers opens the virtual door to Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and other Casino games.

Catering to the Japanese market, online Casinos provide websites that are a user friendly environment offering preferred language and currency options.

Experience the ambiance and excitement of Macau Casinos in China or Las Vegas style gaming in an online Casino that brings the same thrills without ever having to leave your home.