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Poker Machines in Australia

I'm sure you're familiar with Slot machines at casinos but in Australia, the slang term for Slots is "Poker Machines" or "Pokies" and are extremely popular at Pubs and casinos.

Pokies in Australia

The first Pokie in Australia came about in the early 1900's but was initially illegal to play.

Fast forward to 1956, the Australian government decided to legalize poker machines in the state of NSW and the popularity of slots boomed

While basic compared to today's standards, the common pokie machine consisted of very simple mechanics however they were still a big hit amongst gamblers.

It wasn't until the early 90's that legislation was passed and various Australia States allowed for pubs and clubs to have poker machines for public usage.

Pokies Today

While there are strict laws when it comes to playing pokies, strangely enough with the introduction of the Internet, it is legal for an Australian to gamble online at international operators. It is however illegal for an Australian business to run an online gambling operation within Australia which can confuse a lot of people.

To avoid any confusion, PokiesTime is a great resource that shows Australians where it is legal for them to gamble at. They also have pokies you can play for freee for those overly concerned with the legality of gambling online

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