Play Online Poker For Free - How, Why, & Where

Can I Play Poker Online For Free? Of Course You Can! In Fact, We Highly recommend that new players kick of their online poker experience with free money play! Use this article to discover you're free play options and the nature of winning real money from nothing.

Where Can I Play Online Poker For Free

Anywhere...Virtually every online poker site advertises the option of playing for free. Haven't You ever watched ESPN? It seems like every other commercial is an advertisement provoking you to join a poker site and play for free.

Play Money - The Fake Money You Use To Experiment With Various Game Types

The Play money option allows players to experience the software, experiment with various poker games, and get a feel for the atmosphere of online poker.

However, you should note that play money games will not get you any real money and do not facilitate the competitive online poker situations necessary to hone your skills. You will not be playing against players who are using sound strategy in an effort to keep their money and build their bankroll.

It is true that poker is a game where the winning players are winners because they know how to take advantage of the reckless weaker players. In play money games though, there are so many reckless decisions in any given pot, that a good player cannot zero in on a particular "fish". Therefore, your successes and/or failures in the play money environment is not at all representative of your actual poker skills. Poker skills and strategies are most optimally developed when you play poker for money.

General Freeroll Tournaments - Good Practice, Can Be Fun, Small Prize-pools

Freeroll tournaments are abundant at the best rooms and typically run 2 or 3 times per hour. Their prize pools are tiny, typically around $10-$15. These general site-sponsored freerolls can be a decent opportunity to improve your tournament skills and potentially get a few dollars of real money into your poker account.

In one of these freerolls, you'll typically have to place 1st-18th in a field of around 600-1500 entrants to get anywhere from $.20 to $5.00 of real money into your poker account. Additionally, it will take you several hours to get to the stages where any money can be won.

If you do make it to the later stages of a freeroll you will also begin to experience a competitive environment that almost approaches the nature of real money poker play...Another good benefit of playing freeroll tournaments

So You Win Real Money Playing With No Risk. Now What?

If You End Up With Free Cash You'll Have To Play With It :|

The truth is, there are always terms and conditions attached to free online poker money. If you win money in a free event at any and every online poker room, you will find that you must play a certain amount of raked hands or real money tournament entries before they will let you cash you're winnings out.

These requirements aren't typically very strenuous, but still, they're present and put you at risk of losing your hard-earned winnings. ALSO note that the rooms always have minimum withdraw amounts! You're not going to just leave the site with $34.

Special Freeroll Tournaments

In an effort to get players excited about joining the site, Poker Rooms will often offer special freeroll tournaments with large prize pools and/or worthwhile prizes. You should be on the lookout for these as they can be fun and definitely are the best way to have a free chance at winning something worthwhile. currently has the best general freerolls with the highest prize-pools and Playersonly runs the best frequent player freerolls with a $500 new depositor freeroll, a weekly $2k and $5k, and a monthly $50k freeroll. These are currently the best overal sites to play worthwhile freerolls in 2010.

Special Freerolls typically boast a large cash prize pool or entries into larger real money tournaments, possibly even entries into live tournaments such as the coveted World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

The best way to find special freeroll tournaments is typically to browse the poker room's website promotions page and look for upcoming offers. Usually, if a special bonus or promo is coming up, they will also advertise it in the lobby area of the poker client software.

Keep in mind that these promotions will attract THOUSANDS of players. To get anywhere in one of these freerolls you'll usually have to either win multiple stages to make it to the main event... or play one HUGE event where you need to make the final table in a massive field of entrants to get paid off.

Winning Money From Nothing In Online Poker - It's Doable, but Difficult

In Fact, winning money from a very small bankroll is challenging. Wait a second, winning poker players are few and far in between, therefore winning at all must be hard. Anyways, the point is... winning real money through a free event will involve several factors coming together for you:

  • You must play well and get lucky enough to beat other swarms of players competing for the same prize.
  • You'll need to play with your winnings enough to meet the sites wagering requirements...and not lose your roll!
  • You'll have to have enough money to withdraw from the poker site! Usually the minimum is $50-$75.
  • You'll have to have the discipline to withdraw your money or...
  • You'll need to learn solid online poker strategy to build up your bankroll to legendary status! jk. but seriously.

If you've successfully done the above then you've officially played online poker for free and won real money!

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