Online Poker Rakeback Sponsorships

This page will discuss rakeback sponsorships for online poker players, what rake is, how players can get rakeback, whether or not it is worth it, and the best way to get rakeback for online poker play.

Online Poker Rakeback Sponsorships - Main Points Outline

  • What is rake?
  • What is a rakeback sponsorship in online poker?
  • Why do rakeback sponsorships exist? How does the Sponsor benefit?
  • Talk about why Pokerstars and Bodog dont offer rakeback and how VIP and cash for points programs essentially the same thing.
  • Talk about how rakeback typically causes the player to not recieve bonuses from the room, thus rendering rakeback pointless
  • What concerns do rakeback players have when signing up for rakeback?
  • Recommend The Top Rakeback Deals And Services
  • Talk about what online poker games count towards rakeback
  • Theorize about the value of rakeback as a component of online poker strategy
  • Talk about how rakeback is a valuable resource but the value is blown out of proportion by most rakeback sites
  • Give examples of long-term sessions in cash games and sit-n-gos where rakeback calculated in
  • Beat it into the visitors head that rakeback is no excuse for less than optimal game-play skills

Conclusion - What Will The Visitor Learn About Rakeback in Online Poker

The player will be introduced to rakeback and potentially be interested in using rakeback to increase their winnings. The player will gain knowledge about how to utilize rakeback sponsorships in correlation with good poker strategy if they do indeed decide to play with rakeback. The player will ultimately be probably realize that rakeback is overhyped as a way for people to get the player to play under them when in fact, rooms already have VIP cash back rewards and bonuses in place.
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