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Live Poker Vs. Online Poker

Online poker is simply a virtual simulation of the traditional poker games enjoyed by the masses for years in brick and morter casinos, home games, and private clubs.

Live Poker Vs. Online Poker Main Points - I Want To Talk About:

  • summarize the appeal of online poker and refer to the history page
  • how software is used to simulate dealing that resembles live play
  • how online poker has affected the interest in live cash games and tournaments
  • how reading opponents online compares with live poker -- tells, betting patterns, player observations
  • strategies specific to online poker play -- table selection in cash games, bonuses, rakeback sponsorships
  • incentives, convenience, and speed abilities in online poker that aren't present in live poker
  • how a lot of people play online to prepare for and win their way into live tournaments

In the end we'll all see that online poker and live poker are not in conflict but very complimentary to one another. The developmental skills needed to successfully win at online poker can make a player much more apt to win in live poker. Also, we'll see that online poker is largely a tool used to prepare for live poker games or to win a player's way into a large tournament that he or she would not be able to play in otherwise.

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