How To Improve You're Online Poker Skills

This article will discuss improving online poker skills, as you can see from some of the pages of the site, i think my brain is currently fried with thinking about how to present essential info in a creative way.

Lets see if i can get an outline going for what i want to hit on with this page.

I Want To:

  • Hit on the ease with which a player can hit a wall
  • List potential reasons that may cause a player to hit a will
  • Touch on the fact that poker is a mathematical game which is beat in the long run
  • I want to recommend resources for developing foundational skills and analyzing play
  • In doing so i'll refer to the online poker strategy page and poker training page.
  • Ultimately I'll probably realize that alot of what i'm saying is way off topic and end up redoing the whole page. Somewhere in the page, i'll recommend that the visitor just checks out the FTP academy to further improve their skills so that there time wasn't completely wasted by believing that i had something worthwhile to say on this page.
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