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Improve Your Focus On Game-Play Strategy

When playing online poker its easy to hit downswings and lose you're cool. Poker is a game of variance where even expert players will take their fair share of bad beats and losing sessions. Sometimes you're running bad, and sometimes you're not playing well, and sometimes its a combination of the two.

Poker is a game that takes mental strength and sometimes you need to take a step back and think about where you're at in order to regain your focus.

For me personally, Online Poker is challenging much like many other activities in my life....When I work out alot, I will hit a plateau and get discouraged. When I play Halo online too much, i will often improve in areas and leave fundamentals behind and as a result do poorly. Any type of challenging activity that produces physical and mental stress will always force you to change or re-evaluate your approach in order to improve.

Get Rid Of Distractions

When seriously playing poker games online its important to get rid of distractions. Im not telling you to become a hermit or not pay enough attention to your girlfriend or spouse. I'm simply going to talk about eliminating distraction and making the most of the time you spend at the tables.

I have personally discovered that simply relieving myself of distractions and influences that affect my mental-processing is the best way to rejuvenate my focus and see positive results. I typically find its best to eliminate distractions ahead of time This means turning off the TV, telephone and keeping the music down to a low volume. Sometimes I like to to a particular place where i feel comfortable and able to focus such as a coffee shop or the university library.

Develop a routine

In what area of life is it not beneficial to have a routine? In online poker a routine can involve many different elements. For example, every time I play sit-n-gos, I check the “sit here” option on the bottom seat at 4 o'clock. This helps me to always be familiar with the positions of the players and position.

A routine can involve many considerations. Another one that i often think about is setting a particular amount of time that i will choose to play or a particular strict time frame of day where i will play in MTT tournaments. Essentially, a developing a routine can help you to be most efficient with your time and have as little negative impact on your life and mindset as possible.

Be prepared to play

Make An effort to feel comfortable as possible and not distracted by your needs or commitments. Be well rested, maybe shower, get some good food, etc. If you're going to be registering for a tournament with alot of entrants, make sure that you can commit the amount of time it would take to go deep into the tournament. You don't want to be distracted by your needs and you don't want to not be able to focus if and when you go far because of prior time commitments. What's more, it is not beneficial to let you play interfere with other important elements of your life.

Eliminate distractions at the table

Do whatever you need to do to avoid distraction at the poker table. Some obvious options that come to my mind is to turn off chat and avatars. I myself like to also pick a non distracting table view that allows me to best focus on the table-action. Sometimes i make my own unique poker table that makes me feel most in-tune with the game.

Quick Points » Keep Your Mind Focused On Quality Poker

  • Dont not play if you are hungry
  • Dont play if you are angry
  • Don't play if you are tired
  • Don't play if you are drunk
  • Don't play if you are lonely
  • Don't play if you have time commitment issues

In Conclusion, Enjoy The Game. Be Comfortable. Don't Let The Game Affect Other Important Aspects Of Your Life.

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